Why your hotel needs a Chatbot?

Chatbots can provide five star hospitality to your guests and increase business efficiency.

Chatbots are changing the future of hospitality industry. The advancements in AI and Machine learning have helped them to drive higher conversion and also improved efficiency to engage customers.

Chatbots have simplified the way guests interact with hotels, during and after their stay. Customers can book hotels using chatbots. They can ask questions in natural language and clarify their doubts while booking hotels. This makes it easy for them to select the rooms and services. Wile on the stay, the customers can ask frequently asked questions like WiFi password, lunch and breakfast timings etc.

The customers can also book for value added services like spa, day tours etc. They can also reserve tables in advance. The customers can signup for rewards. The hotels can Broadcast deals to subscribed users which provides a great selling opportunity.

Leading hotel brands like Marriot are already using chatbots. This helps them to market their products and services to 1.3 billion active Facebook Messenger users and drive potential customers.


How can chatbots help Hotels?

Chatbots offers true customer engagement, personalization of conversation and also help brands to get insights directly from the consumers.

Room Bookings

Chatbots can act as an online booking assistant and help customers in selecting rooms based on their requirements

Broadcast Deals

Chatbots can promote your hotel by sending deals and promotions to potential customers.

Automate FAQs

Chatbots can answer the questions that customers ask frequently. Chatbots can support customers 24/7.

24/7 Customer Service

Chatbots can provide fully automated customer service to customers 24/7.

Hotel Services

Chatbots can cross-sell additional services to the customers like spa, food, gym, day tours etc.

Sign up for Rewards.

Chatbots can make the users sign up for different promotions and also for different reward programs.

Why should chatbots be part of your marketing strategy?

200,000 businesses have bots on Messenger

There are already 200,000 Bots on facebook messenger. If your business is not having a Facebook Messenger Bot, you are already late.

Customers send 2 Billion messages to businesses

Customers like to chat with businesses as they chat with their friends. Over 2 billion messages are shared between businesses and customers every month on Messenger.

70-100% open rates on messages sent

Messages sent over Facebook Messenger is having high open rates when compared to emails. The open rates are as high as 70-100%.

4 times higher conversions on Messenger than email

Since chatbots can provide a one to one conversation and engage users, the conversion rate is as high as four times when compared to email.

Reach 1.3 Billion Monthly Active Messenger Users

There are 1.3 Billion Monthly active users on Facebook Messenger. It brings the potential to reach and market your services to these users.

6x higher retention rate for Messenger lists over email

Chatbots offer a great retention rate. Retention rate on messenger lists is six times higher than that of email lists.

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