Why your online store needs a Chatbot?

E-commerce is a competitive space. You have to keep listening to new technology trends which will help to reach more customers. Facebook Messenger chatbots provide enormous potential to drive sales to your e-commerce store. Right now, the number of online stores that implement the Facebook Messenger chat bot is increasing each week.

Conversational Commerce is one of the hot topics when it comes to Facebook Messenger chatbot. Conversational Commerce refers to the intersection of messaging apps (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Talk, and WeChat) and shopping.

Conversational Commerce allows customers to browse the products, get customer support, complete the payment, get personalized recommendations, and get the order notifications all from chat bots itself.


What chatbots can do for your ecommerce store?

Messenger chatbots can help e-commerce to improve their customer experience and ultimately improve their sales. Have a look at the features of an e commerce Chabot.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Shoppers often leave your website without making purchase. The good news is that the Facebook Messenger chat bot can help you recover the abandonment carts.

If the customer doesn't purchase within 60 minutes, you can automate the abandoned cart campaigns. The Message can include the customer's cart with checkout button. This approach is 5x more effective than email due to higher opt-in rates.

Product Recommendations

By combining the power of "Machine Learning" and conversations history, a smart chatbot can recommend various products that may suit the customer's interest. When you know each customer and their shopping behaviour, this information enables you to send personalized messages.

You can send them offers, news about new products’ launch, etc. This increases customer retention rates compared to the traditional email marketing campaigns.

Customer Support.

Customers support is another area where chatbots can be utilized effectively. Every e-commerce store needs some kind of customer support.

You can’t replace human agents completely. But the chatbot can help the customer to create tickets, make complaints. Chat bots eliminates the waiting queues, and everybody gets equal preferences and the same level of support.

Search Products in Natural Language

When it comes to a chatbot, the consumers expect the chatbot to understand natural language. You should take this feature very seriously if you want to create a smart chat bot. Most of the e-commerce chat bots out there lack these features and are built upon the flow-based model with a series of buttons.

Send Order and Shipping Notifications

The store can send receipts, shipping/order notifications, and more to the users over Facebook Messenger. This improves the customer experience, and they don't have to open and search their email inbox every time to see if there are any updates regarding their orders.

Automate FAQ

Chatbots can be used effectively to answer all the frequently asked questions that your customers have. Chatbots provide the added advantage of handling unlimited one on one conversation 24/7 and answer basic FAQ like 'what is your return policy?', 'Will you accept the debit card payment?', etc. Chatbots can automate the content from your FAQ page, and it's a very good customer experience.

Feedback and Reviews

Feedback is valuable information that will be used to make your e-commerce store better. In the old days, we used to send emails or SMS asking for customer feedback, and the response rate was very poor.

You can send a message to the customer after 2-3 hours after their order has been delivered over the Facebook Messenger. This approach is more effective than email due to higher opt-in rates and has a better chance of getting feedback from the customer.

Welcome Message

The welcome message is always shown to all new users after they tap 'Get Started' or send their very first message. The welcome message is the single most important message a user should see first in your chat bot. A welcome Message is a place where you can include all the available things that your chatbot can do, so that users don't waste their time trying to do things that your chatbot doesn't support.

Why should chatbots be part of your marketing strategy?

200,000 businesses have bots on Messenger

There are already 200,000 Bots on facebook messenger. If your business is not having a Facebook Messenger Bot, you are already late.

Customers send 2 Billion messages to businesses

Customers like to chat with businesses as they chat with their friends. Over 2 billion messages are shared between businesses and customers every month on Messenger.

70-100% open rates on messages sent

Messages sent over Facebook Messenger is having high open rates when compared to emails. The open rates are as high as 70-100%.

4 times higher conversions on Messenger than email

Since chat bots can provide a one to one conversation and engage users, the conversion rate is as high as four times when compared to email.

Reach 1.3 Billion Monthly Active Messenger Users

There are 1.3 Billion Monthly active users on Facebook Messenger. It brings the potential to reach and market your services to these users.

6x higher retention rate for Messenger lists over email

Chatbots offer a great retention rate. Retention rate on messenger lists is six times higher than that of email lists.

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